Audio Matters - Because Music is Celebration!


We offer product lines that accurately convey the emotion of the musical or theatrical presentation, and the products we choose to work with are the tools we utilize to fulfill our passion for accurate audio and video playback.

We subscribe to the philosophy that anything worth doing is worth over doing. We charge accordingly for every product and service we sell, and by aligning ourselves with a small number of individuals who still allow passion to drive them as it drives us, we know conclusively that we provide value.

We firmly believe in the merits and sonic superiority of a properly executed two-channel stereo presentation, and we firmly believe no single regional venue demonstrates these merits more effectively than the Audio Matters Listening Studio.

We are often called upon to consult and "fix" systems set-up by other entities, and the overwhelming response we receive upon completion of our work is that the sonic difference of our set-up is "Night and Day" over that of the prior set-up.

Regardless of budget and the equipment selection being utilized, no one executes the seemingly uncomplicated art of two-channel stereo better than Audio Matters.